I am Nika, 20, a junior student of Economic and Banking at RULE as well as a Finance Intern at First Finance. Studying with RULE’s professors has given me a good background knowledge in finance, and my work at First Finance has helped me get to a whole new level professionally.

I joined First Finance in October 2016 after hearing about the company online and submitting my application. Working here is exciting and challenging. My colleagues have helped me make the transition from school to a real professional career.

The culture here is amazing. Everyone is friendly, warm, helpful, and I do not feel pressure in my working environment. My supervisor is very helpful when training me, corrects me gently when I encounter challenges and empowers me to handle my tasks. I really see the differences in myself since I’ve joined First Finance. I can communicate with new people, complete many tasks, adapt to flexibility, and handle last-minute work.

I really appreciate the vision and mission of First Finance in terms of its contribution to homeownership for low-income Cambodians. What is more, I respect everyone here for their willingness to learn and improve their capacities to meet the needs of clients. Lastly, I am very grateful to First Finance for giving me an opportunity and the chance to serve the people of my country. I love First Finance.

CHAN Sonika

Finance Intern

I have been a Credit Consultant for First Finance since July 2015. I am from Kampong Cham and used to work for a microfinance institution that provided small loans to clients. I came to Phnom Penh seeking a new challenge to push myself in my career. I chose to work for First Finance because of its unique specialization in providing mortgages to low and middle-income Cambodians.

I really like working here because all staff, from management to officers, ​treat each other like family. I do not feel the pressure of a hierarchy, but instead the support of a helpful partner. I am proud to be a Credit Consultant of First Finance, as I am able to help underserved Cambodian people who are in need of financial support to own a home. I am really happy to see my clients move from rental rooms to their own homes. I am really proud that my work can contribute to my community.


Credit Consultant