First Finance is no ordinary financial institution, and our comprehensive employee rewards and benefits reflect that innovative spirit.

Social Justice is at the heart of everything we do, motivating us to redefine what success looks like — as employees and as human beings. Our rewards and benefits are designed to help our employees and their families meet challenges and embrace opportunities with confidence at every stage of life. By compensating employees competitively, sharing profits, providing access to excellent health care, and supporting balanced, well-rounded lifestyles, we can help them thrive in every aspect of their lives — now and over the long term.


The expertise and passion our employees bring to the organization are integral to our success, and our compensation policies reflect the high value we place on their contributions. We strive to be informed and fair in setting base salaries, and provide additional financial rewards to employees who demonstrate excellence and contribute to our success.

Competitive base salaries

  • Salary ranges are set according to current market data and we review the figures annually, so our employees can feel confident they’re being compensated fairly.
  • Employee salaries are reviewed, at a minimum, annually based on employee performance. The performance increase ranges are set based on market recommendations.

Vacations and time off

We know it’s important to have time away from work. We all need to relax, rejuvenate, and connect with family and friends. And sometimes, we need to take some time out to deal with a health issue, family responsibilities, or other situations. At First Finance, we make sure our employees get the time they need to maintain a healthy, balanced life.


Depending on their role, new employees receive between three and four weeks of vacation allowance per calendar year, and the number of vacation days grows — to a maximum of five weeks per year — as their length of service increases. In addition, full-time, permanent staff can purchase up to six extra days of vacation through our flexible benefits package. We require every of our staff take 10 days aways from desk for their individual time. This will let them relax from work and strengthening their capacity team during his/her absence.

Statutory holidays

In addition to the 23 days holidays in Cambodia, First Fiance provides an additional two statutory holidays. We offer care days for periods of short-term personal illness or emergency family illness, plus opportunities to take unpaid leave for a First Finance of reasons.

Maternity and parental leave

We believe family life is important, and that healthy communities start with healthy families. We support maternity and parental leave for all employees who are natural or adoptive parents of new children. For maternity leave, permanent employees can receive a supplementary top-up benefit equaling up to 100% of their pay while on maternity and paternity leave.