Core Value (IRISE)


In order to see our clients achieve the vision of First Finance, we are honest and transparent in everything we do.


We are always close enough to care and to respond to our customers’ needs. We take ownership of our actions and we’re open to feedback.


We are creative in finding efficient solutions to better serve our clients.

Social Justice:

We take pride in being respectful, being professional and treating our customers fairly.


We strive to be the best at what we do.


  • To First Finance family member (all staff and management), it means each of us (I) should always try to do more and be better than what we used to be. Be honest, transparent, responsive to our colleagues  and the client we serve. Be creative in carrying out our daily chores to be efficient and better serve our client. Together we excel in our career and RISE standards for social justice in Cambodia.
  • To First Finance client, by believing and carrying out IRISE – core values of First Finance, we can help our clients (low to medium income families) RISE their standards of living and live in dignity, security, happiness, and stability through home ownership.