Mr Pech Chy used to be a soldier in the Royal Cambodian Armed Forces. While fighting the remaining Khmer Rouge forces in the mid-1990’s he stepped on a landmine and his injuries meant that he had to have his right leg amputated.

Despite this devastating event he worked hard raising pigs with his wife, Mrs. Oeun Yoeun and producing rice wine to sell. Having to bring up their three sons and a daughter, it took almost a lifetime to save so that he could build a house for his family in Phnom Proek district in Battambang province.

However, he did not have enough savings to complete the house and after a neighbor referred him to First Finance, he and his wife decided to take out a home construction loan to complete their house. With their combined income of $496 per month in April 2017 they were able to​get a loan of $10,000 payable over 120 months.

Mr Pech Chy said that he was thankful for the long tenure of the loan that enabled him to make repayments and the ease of credit approval. He was particularly appreciative that “First Finance did not discriminate against me and provided me with a loan to complete my dream house”.