Easier with More Opportunities

With our long-term housing loan products we provide more opportunities for you to own your first home, which can provide you and your family with security, sustainability and happiness.

You can have a free consultation about the mortgage process from application to approval stage. We allow for up to 3 co-borrowers and provide a loan amount of up to 85% of the total house value and up to 100% of the total construction plan for home improvement loans. Moreover, you can get an additional loan if you have already had a loan with us before.

Special promotional rate is on now:

  • Special Interest Rate*: 1.1% per month for the first year
  • Term: Up to 15 years

*Other terms and conditions are applied


Meet Our Credit Consultant

Our Credit Consultants can answer your questions and provide you with personalized mortgage advice. We’re available to meet you when and where you need us: at your home, at your office, or somewhere else.

It’s our job to assist you throughout the mortgage process, from application to approval.

Select your location below, and we’ll provide you with a list of Credit Consultants who work in your area. Then, simply contact your selected specialist and let them know when and where you’d like to meet. It really is that easy.



Chanthy Veasna

Credit Consultant
099​ 888 530

Svay Kimheang

Credit Consultant
093 666 173

Bo Pros

Credit Consultant
099 888 532

Oeurn Bunyout

Credit Consultant
093 666 187