The history of First Finance Plc goes back to mid 2006 when operations and pilot testing took place under the name of the founding company, First Home PLC.  First Finance PLC is currently a joint venture company established between locally incorporated First Home Plc, Singapore-based Phillip Capital, and Luxembourg-based Insitor Fund.  The company was granted its license on 23rd April 2009 by the National Bank of Cambodia, and became the first financial institution specialized in housing finance in Cambodia.  The company is focused on providing a long-term Home Loan and medium-term Home Improvement Loans to underserved low-middle income Cambodian households who do not have access to formal commercial lending.  Geographically, we are currently operating in Phnom Penh city, Siem Reap and Battambang Province; however we have plans to expand to additional provinces in the next few years.


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