Corporate Profile

First Finance PLC is a joint venture company established between Cambodia-based First Home Plc, Singapore-based Phillip Capital, and Luxembourg-based Insitor Fund.  The company was granted its license on 23rd April 2009 by the National Bank of Cambodia, and became the first financial institution specialized in housing finance in Cambodia.  The company is focused on providing a long-term Home Loan and medium-term Home Improvement Loans to underserved low-middle income Cambodian households who do not have access to formal commercial lending.  
As the founding company of First Finance, First Home PLC, has tested and refined its initial housing finance concept and has conducted studies on the market needs for housing loans and thus provided First Finance and a foundation for growth and expansion.


Our target customers are low and middle income Cambodian households that seek to invest in their first home.  While First Finance currently only operates in Phnom Penh, in the near future branches will be opened in the major urban centers of Cambodia.

Value Proposition

The vast majority of Cambodian households have no access to formal housing finance.  While commercial banks have begun to offer home loan products, they are more focused on wealthier Cambodians.
First Finance provides customers with loan products/services specific to their needs, and with requirements that are in line with the realities of Cambodia.  Further, customers can meet directly with our credit consultants in order to fully understand our products, as well as to assist with the legal processes associated with purchasing their first home.

Corporate Philosophy

Our corporate philosophy is very simple, “We think like a customer, and act like an owner”, and our below approaches are even simpler:
Market driven products and services
Simplified procedures and quick processing
Flexibility and transparency in operations
Integrity and ethics in all business practices

Business Hours

Monday – Friday
8:00am – 5:00pm
8:30am – 12:00pm


We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a decent life. At the centre of that life there should be a safe and happy home. Our long term vision is to help families from every socioeconomic status in Cambodia to live in dignity, security, happiness, and stability through home ownership.


Our mission is to build the economic stability of low-income Cambodian families by increasing access to home ownership.


POEMS Pte. Ltd
Insitor Fund SCA
First Home Plc