Audit and Compliance Committee

1) Dary So, Chairman

  • Tax Partner at Premier Consulting (RSM International Correspondent Firm)
  • Extensive experience as a business advisor in Cambodia, advising a range of multinational and SME business on Cambodian market entry and the ongoing challenges of managing tax risk and corporate compliance in Cambodia

2) Talmage Payne, Member

  • CEO, Hagar International
  •  Director, Hagar Social Enterprise Group
  •  Chair and Co-owner of Urban Village PLC
  •  Chair and Co-owner of Discover Farms PLC
  •  Leading Founder and Co-owner of First Home PLC
  •  Leading Founder and former Chair of Vision Fund Cambodia
  •  Former National Director of World Vision Cambodia
  •  20 years of social enterprise experience in Cambodia



3) Ong Teong Hoon, Member

  • Senior Executive of one of Asia’s leading financial house, Phillip Capital
  • Over 25 years of banking experience with Standard Chartered Bank 
  • Founding Chairman for Hagar Design Pte. Ltd.
  • Director of Prison Fellowship Singapore 
  • Exco  member of Boys' Brigade Asia


We believe that everyone deserves a chance to live a decent life. At the centre of that life there should be a safe and happy home. Our long term vision is to help families from every socioeconomic status in Cambodia to live in dignity, security, happiness, and stability through home ownership.


Our mission is to build the economic stability of low-income Cambodian families by increasing access to home ownership.


POEMS Pte. Ltd
Insitor Fund SCA
First Home Plc